AirHead (79)

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Created and produced by Pierre Rouzier, the AirHead 79 figure sit 6.25" tall (to top of head) on a 4" diam base, each individually signed and numbered, airbrushed and hand painted in a satin monochromatic colour scheme.

"Originally titled under a different name - I changed the title of this piece to "AirHead" because I forgot to hit the post button after making a few corrections to the original draft back on March 2nd (then again on March 12). "79" - refferences paying homage to the 79th anniversary of the original 1933 debut of King Kong. Thus "AirHead 79".

The second "AirHead" series were released in full colour in April of 2012, as the "Springtime Aggro" edition.


  • Original AirHead(79) - 4 pieces
  • Springtime Aggro - 6 pieces