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Andy Jenkins was born in Sevilla, Spain to a Spanish mother and an American father from Jackson, Mississippi. Needless to say the accents encountered in the Jenkins house were unique.

He spent his formative years moving around with his Air Force family, from country to country, city to city until finally settling in Wyoming. At 17 Jenkins moved to Denver, Colorado where he attended art school for two years before departing to California to start work as an editor for a new BMX magazine, Freestylin'. This scattered beginning possibly accounts for the diversity of his creative exploits.

He spent the next 7 years or so working in and around magazines, as editor, writer, illustrator and designer with his two best friends and partners, Mark Lewman and Spike Jonze. The list of publications they invaded include, BMX Action, Homeboy, TW Skateboarding, TW Snowboarding, Poweredge, Snowboarder, Warp, Raygun, Level, Dirt (brother to Sassy magazine), Details, Big Brother and more. During this time period Jenkins also began a skate/punk zine that was to eventually become, Bend Press, a small independent publishing company with a couple books under its belt.

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