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Eos, is an American artist, illustrator, art toy designer and founder of Fuzzy Bones Studio. She originally began creating art as a therapeutic response to a difficult upbringing. Eos' art encompasses a wide range of mediums and is generally associated with the lowbrow pop movement, also known as pop surrealism. Her narrative illustrations are similar in many ways to a classical tale told by the surreal, whimsical dreamscapes inhabited with exotic plants, twisted creatures, and female subjects that are thought provoking and seductive. Among her most famous recurring motifs are beautiful and sexy women, tentacles, words, quotes and phrases, the numbers 7, 13, 5 and 28, death, little dead skeleton birds, mushrooms, skulls, and sexual complexes. Her style is heavily influenced by myths and legends, issues from childhood, classical literature, Japanese culture, folk-art, video games and manga comics.

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