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Sometimes it takes just a few to change the landscape. Tradition sometimes has to be turned upside down. Sometimes you have to let others know you are a beast. You are a lion waiting for your chance. The chance has come. We are an Arsenal that brings a level of art that will elevate those around us. This is our time. We are the Arsenal of Artists. These are the Recruits.

Playful Gorilla and Cash Cannon proudly present “The Recruits” group art show happening at The Suburban Vinyl Art Gallery in Waldwick, NJ on April 18th 2015 6pm-9pm. The Arsenal of Artists first group show will be bringing together 30+ artists ranging from digital illustrators to toy customizers to 3d artists. Each of these artists have been “recruited” to participate and will bring original artworks with a military twist. Come be a part of an amazing line up! Items will be raffled, door prizes will be given and good times will be had!

Dates & Addresses[edit]

April 18th 2015 - SubUrban Vinyl, 4 Frederick Street, Waldwick, NJ 07463

The Artists[edit]

SoKo Cat, Playful Gorilla, Cash Cannon, Brutherford, Chipsouper, NEMO, Claynexted, The Tonus, Komega, Nugglife, Anthony Respect, Bun Leung, Mstyle183, Kris Dulfer, JFury, David Kraig, RenOne, Mike Die, Melodreama, ChrisRWK, Deadhand Toys, Pope Phoenix, InPrimeWeTrust, Beast Box Designs, FreakyKiss Designs, ArtofCristos, Andrew Bones, Wasted Talent, iRoc Toys, Big C, Nati513, Frank Montano, Mr Lunacy, WhiteBoy, Derf Bunny, Pon, Dads Cartoons, Erjurself, EOS, RazChrist, The Fractured Nomad, Mind of the Masons, Sean Hamilton, Jeff Beck