Ankou Sentry

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Created by Ashley Wood and ThreeA. Ankou Sentry, most commonly referred to as simply "Ankou," likes to squish Zomb heads, and pretty much anything else. Ankou EX are a slightly more overweight version of the 1:6 Ankou figure.


Regular Ankou[edit]

  • Shadow Security Ankou
  • Newandria Police Ankou
  • N.L.C.S Ankou
  • Asclepius Ankou
  • UNKNOWN Ankou
  • N.L.C.S. Commander Ankou
  • The Drown

Ankou Ex[edit]

  • The Drown
  • Laurent Special Forces Commander
  • MED-Ex
  • SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set