Bella Delamere

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Bella Delamere, the Casino Affair was created by Doktor A and produced by Arts Unknown. Bella Delamere stands 8" tall.

Discarded with the sump oil at a very early age, Bella was swept downstream until she found herself by the sea. She soon made friends with all forms of aquatic creatures and was taken in and raised by a family of Kraken (the smaller lesser spotted variety). Upon reaching adulthood she returned to the surface and emerged into society, remodelled after her adoptive kin folk. The tentacles do not raise many comments around town. But her insistence on always waring a mask certainly does. Much speculation is whispered about her true identity. And one day she will reveal her secret to the father who left her for dead...


  • Casino Affair - 350 pieces
  • A Study in Emerald - Casino Affair chase, 58 pieces
  • The Winter Deed - Members Exclusive White, 100 pieces
  • Midnight Tryst - 250 pieces
  • The Unwound Automaton - Minty Fresh exclusive, 175 pieces
  • The Faded Daguerreotype - 175 pieces
  • Dead of Night - 175 pieces, 2014
  • The Dinner Party - 175 pieces