Benny the Dreamer

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Created by Okedoki and produced by VTSS Toys, Benny the Dreamer is a polystone figure which stands 11.5" tall, each figure is individually hand painted. Each figure also comes with a genuine leather scarf and is encased in a laser etched bamboo box with a metal tag of authenticity number.

In 2014 a "Little Dreamer" collector set was released. Standing 3" tall and hand-painted resin, this set included 5 different Bennys, Benny the Dreamer (Red), Daydreamer (White), Night Terror (Black), The Alchemist (Gold electroplating) and Lucid Dreamer (Glow in the dark).

In 2019 Wood Benny was produced in very limited numbers. He stands 10" tall and is made by walnut wood and hand polished piece by piece. Each sculpture comes with a wood COA(Certificate of Authenticity) which signed and numbered by artist and manufacturer, packed with a wood box.

I’ve always loved the dichotomy of innocence and wisdom. I wanted to combine these two aspects into one figure, and make it unified. That was how the enlightened multiple eye rabbit came about. He represented the wisdom and clarity, the transcending force to see beyond social and cultural constructs. Benny represents innocence and pure emotional energy, the child in all of us. The figure went through many stages of transformation over the year I was sculpting it, which was reflected in my personal life. I had gotten very ill as I was in the final sculpting phase of it, and had to focus my energy to have it completed in time to send it to Taiwan for production. So, this project was very significant to me, because it represents a chapter in my life that was very challenging. So I suppose Benny also represents hope and perseverance. I finished painting him, then gave him the name Benny the Dreamer, because I wanted Benny to inspire others to go after their dreams; to pursue what is truly in their hearts.


  • Original - 200 pieces
  • Night Dreamer
  • Little Dreamers - 280 sets
  • Wood Benny - 30 pieces