Big Mongers

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Created by Frank Kozik and produced by Kidrobot stand 3.75" to 6" in height and were first released June 2009. The 6" Sarge here is similar to the 5" Sarge previously released, however this Sarge has a removable cigarette. This version of Jerome was produced by Rotofugi, and made out of a softer vinyl than those produced by Kidrobot.


  • Standard Figures
    • Sarge
    • Captain Blood
    • Magistrate WU
    • Booger GID
    • Lorenzo
    • Ramirez
    • Jerome
  • Special Editions
    • Chocolate Jerome
    • Strawberry Jerome
    • Caramel Drizzle Jerome - SDCC'16 exclusive
    • Cherry Drizzle Jerome - SDCC'16 exclusive
    • Cosmic Jerome - 25 pieces