Billy Bananas

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Created by Tristan Eaton and stands 5" tall and each is shipped with one of three blind-pack accessories, a dice, anvil or whiskey bottle.

"BILLY BANANAS is a ladies man, a butcher, a scenester and a moocher. He's a lover, a fighter a genius and a biter. He's a two-bit hustler and a no good, dirt rascal pimp. But no matter what you say about him, he's Billy and he's Bananas. Love him or leave him; he doesn't mind. Just make sure you love him eventually."


  • Shooting Blanks
  • Sepia - 200 pieces
  • X-Ray
  • Mono
  • Blue GID - 300 pieces
  • Clutter Magazine Pink
  • Toxic Glow - 150 pieces
  • Medic - 150 pieces
  • Lucky - 150 pieces