Bone Ghost Agents

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Created by Sam Fout and produced by Argonaut Resins, Bone Ghost Agents are Argonaut Resin's 8th designer resin release. The figure stands 5.5" tall and is hand painted by Sam Fout and will come with hand made packaging, original mini print art and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. The first wave (A - E) was released in 2010 with blue handguns. The second wave (F - J) was released in 2010 with a handgun with silencer. The last wave (P - Z) was released in 2012 and had a machine gun.


  • Agent A (Black)
  • Agent B (Cream)
  • Agent C (White)
  • Agent D (Pink)
  • Agent E (Blue)
  • Agent F (Brown)
  • Agent H (Purple)
  • Agent J (Orange)
  • Agent G (Cursed Idol - Gold)
  • Agent I (Shadow - Clear Grey)
  • Agent P (Pink)
  • Agent Q (Orange)
  • Agent R (Infrared - Clear Red)
  • Agent S (Grey)
  • Agent T (Purple)
  • Agent U (Hologram - Clear Blue)
  • Agent V (Peach)
  • Agent W (Blue)
  • Agent X (Jade Idol)
  • Agent Y (Black)
  • Agent Z (Blue Jade)