Borracho De Los Muertos

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Created and produced by Spanky Stokes. This figure was created as a way for me to get my "feet wet" with creating my own resin figure! For the longest time, I had acquired an old plaster figure down in Baja California, San Felipe, Mexico... and for over 20 years I held onto that figure. It wasn't until a few years ago I wanted to try resin casting so I took that figure changed up the main characteristics like the face, hands, feet, and other little nuances then I hit up Dodgrr, a local resin legend, who helped me cast my figure. From that point on I started having fun with the new found medium that was resin, testing out dyes, mixes, clears, tints, inclusions and have released close to 30 of these figures. Now what does the name "Borracho De Los Muertos" mean??? Well, it roughly translates to "Drunk of the dead"... why the name, well he has a bottle, and he's dead :-) All other interpretations I will leave up to the viewer.