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Brew Toys expo in Valencia was organised by WIP Toys Collective. Valencia beer company, Zeta Beer, is the company that sponsors of the expo and what a great combo BEER and Art Toys. All the artist/customisers will be using the Vinyl Escape GAS collection.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

June 16th - 20th 2015 - Plastic Murs, Street Gallery in Denia 45, Ruzafa

The Artists[edit]

HxStudio, Godhay Toys, Fluke Graf, Jalos, Syntetyk, The Criaturas, Coté Escrivá, Mr Zyan, Sara Sanz, María Rico, CranioDSGN, Filmac, Joan Quirós, Nuria Balaguer, Effeherre, QMAD, Estudi Cercle, discoh, Lawerta, Twee Muizen, Estudi Cercle, Zinkase, José Rico