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Calavera survives in Chilangolandia, born on a tomb stone in Mixquic, in a Day of the Dead. He is Calavera, who, legend says, shall confront and defeat the ruthless creatures from the underworld. His father, a baker, his mother, a curandera, and his grandfather, the legendary wrestler known as LA CALACA. This is how our hero combines a bizarre mix which transforms him, maybe, into the last hope for mankind. Along with his inseparable partner, TALAVERA, they fight the evil during weekdays while Friday and Saturday the crowds throng the arenas where they become the unquestioned kings of the ring. Calavera gains his strength from the Day of the Dead loaf and the refined sugar from the sugar skulls prepared when the duty calls by his mom, doña Remedios, with an age-old secret formula. CALAVERA is back in the ring, thus putting an end to the rumours about his death. Thank you, dear Virgin, for sending him back, Thank You.

Calavera is the first collaboration work on a toy between Humberto Ramos and Francisco Herrera and stands 7.5" tall.


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