Casting Shadows

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Created and produced by Coarse Toys. Casting Shadows gives 3D form to a story, an altered relationship between a sitting Noop (7") and his squid-like former friend Nism(4"). A lazy fall day spent flying a woven Paw! Kite (4") among the C-O-A-R-S-E foam leaves echoes both the joyous past and the isolated reality of the pair. Rarely seen, this scene-based approach highlights the primacy of narrative and relationships within the Coarse aesthetic and world. Comes packed in a slide-out box offering two sides of the story – each side opened with a fabric pull tag featuring each character’s name. A pain version was also made, with a hurt Noop and a polished Nism baring his fangs.


  • Loser
    • Original - 200 pieces
    • Signature
  • Switch to Fall
  • Pain
    • Soul
    • Signature