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Chris Kong Art director/founder of Garage Works Industries & Made by Monsters first launched his brand in 2006 after his studies at Rhode Island School of Design in Graphic Illustration/Industrial Design during the mid 90s. His interest for Art and various cultures have inspired him to create multi conceptual designs and products, which brings out the unique elements of each Artists of different cultures. Our interest is to team with the originators of different culture to explore their work into new medium and creative Art Form.

Garage Works Industries is globally known as one of the top vinyl toy production house in the industry, working with world wide recognized companies and Artists Such as Disney(US), Bandai(JP), Vans(Eur), Bounty Hunter(JP), Diesel(INT), Ron English(US), Jim Philips(US), Johnny Ace(US) and many more. Over 10 years of experience in the vinyl toy industry, Garage works industries has perfected the quality of each individual designer toy. We believe that a design can only be truly appreciated through the best form & quality of the product. ‘”it is not just a toy, it is a work of Art.”

Our in-house label from Garage Works Industries “Made by Monsters” is a sub-culture brand supported by legendary artists that created culture shock within its own period. Combining classic design elements with modern interpretations, we are creating high quality products that will never go out of style. Within 2 years time frame, Made by Monsters have officially been rated as one of the most wanted Street product for their first release. We are looking forward to share more products on our upcoming releases.

Garage Works Industries & Made by Monsters products are currently distributed to selected stores worldwide. Garageworks Industries Gallery is currently located in Hong Kong. The gallery / store features global artist’s work, such as painting, sculpture, apparel, jewellry and furniture.