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Created by Blamo Toys, 9" Cumulus is hand-crafted from solid Suar wood. He is hand stained and painted. Packaged in hand printed cardbord display box. Released at SDCC 2010.

"Cumulus is Nimbus's younger but much bigger brother. Where Nimbus sees gloom and doom Cumulus knows only the pleasure of the sun on his back and the fragrant smell of spring in the air. His happy-go-lucky personality infuriates his younger sibling. In fact, if you asked Nimbus to describe his brother, he would undoubtedly call him a simpleton... but we here at Blamo like to think of Cumulus's gentle disposition as a gift not a curse. In a way Cumulus truly exemplifies the "sorry-less" mantra behind Blamo Toys. Long live sunny afternoons in Blamoville!"


  • Original - 5 pieces