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About Cybermite[edit]

Cybermite ("Y2K") figures were first created, produced and introduced as flexible foam-rubber toys in 1999 by Pierre Rouzier. They were then later released as resin figures in 2011.


Y2K resin Edition (1999/2011):

  • pink **Cybernetic
  • blue **FatalError
  • green **Motherboard
  • black **HeadCrash (aka punkerMite)

Special Custom Edition:[edit]

(back from left to right)

    • 'LectricMite
    • VoodooMite
    • B.A.MoFo-Mite

(front row from left to right)

    • TikiMite
    • GojiraMite
    • MotorMite

Special Edition: Fright'Mite (2012)[edit]

(from left to right)

    • PunkinMite
    • BridalMite
    • Hell-o-Mite (back middle)
    • CreepyHollowMite
    • ThrillerMite

Special Edition: Stupid Bunny Suit'Mite (2012)[edit]

  • Aka: 24:06:42:12 edition