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Conflictive, uneven, unbalanced and often internally reactionary. However, none of these features represents DOMA as a group, are simple details that always give the same result, the generation (or often the degeneration). The impulse is always the same. Action> Reaction.

DOMA is a group of argentines artists that started in the Buenos Aires Street-Art scene back in 1998 doing urban installations, stencils, street-projections and absurd campaigns. They studied Illustration, Film and Graphic Design but later they worked with different media and formats getting in new areas and techniques.

Since the beginning they started creating conceptual universes, different worlds and characters that have been evolving to come alive later with the group's specialization in Animation, Filming, Illustration, VJeing and ToyDesign.

In the last years, DOMA has done important art installations, shows, animation shorts, books, toys and has been invited to contribute at important international projects in Berlin, New York, SaoPablo, Barcelona, Portland, Montreal, Euskadi, etc.

Today they divide their time between original art projects and their own Gallery TURBO opened in 2008 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. With this enterprise, DOMA manage their art and push local new artists from the Scene.

DOMA are Mariano Barbieri / Julian Pablo Manzelli / Matias Vigliano / Orilo Blandini.

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