Dark Dragon Child

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Created by Christopher Schmid and produced by Patch Together. Dark Dragon Child plushes stand 12" tall.

The mysterious Dark Dragons appear to be arrogant, stubborn creatures, egocentric even. Most prefer to keep their distance due to their strange, dark appearance. But should one decide to befriend you, you’ll find that they are just careful about whom they trust, once their trust is gained, you can begin to feel relaxed in their easygoing presence. Although confident in themselves, and their own abilities, they have a hard time finding others that understand them and their ways. The child Dark Dragon is often found alone most of the time, although they are not averse to playing with the others, when they can find them still awake that is! Their horns are developing, and their huge claws are strong enough now to be able to dig into solid rock, often digging small caves for themselves to rest. They are most active at night, preferring the darkness, as their eyes are most suited to the dark. On evenings you might see them outside their cave, practicing spitting blue fire, a flame that is much hotter than normal fire.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey