Destroyrrr X

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Destroyrrr X is a new series of hand-painted resin robots designed by silkscreen artist Lindsey Kuhn. Standing nearly 9" tall and wide, Destroyrrr X weighs in at a whopping four pounds of pure resin! Each figure is hand painted, signed and numbered on the bottom of the foot and carefully packaged into a silk screened box. A three colour 12x12 inch signed and numbered print by Kuhn is also included.


  • X-1 - 25 pieces
  • X-1.1 - 3 pieces
  • X-1.2 - 4 pieces
  • X-1.3 - 3 pieces
  • X-1.4 - 4 pieces
  • X-1.5 - 3 pieces
  • X-1.6 - 3 pieces