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At the age of 43 I found the thing I love by happy coincidence. After most of my life working in engineering and then in retail for a major tabletop wargaming company and a large sci-fi and comics retailer I was looking for something different to do with my life, something creative. Through friends I found small pieces of work in art departments for some independent TV and films . A few years later I saw a twitter message from another friend saying that he was doing a designer vinyl show in Wales in aid of diabetes UK, as a diabetic this appealed to me so I sent him a message asking him where I get these blanks. In reply I was asked if I would like to do one for the show, as this was new to me it seemed quite daunting but I really liked the idea and bought one. I enjoyed the process and the feedback for my work on instagram was the ego boost I needed, since then I haven’t looked back.

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