Dr Destruction

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The latest addition to Muttpop's Lucha Libre rotocast vinyl figure line. Comes with a removable cape, cigarette, cane and rotating head. Approximately 8.25" (21cm) tall.

FROM LES CHAMPS ELYSSES TO EAST LOS ANGELES... Dr. Destruction is the leader of LES FORMIDABLES, the first genuine group of French superheroes. His heroic intentions are mainly cultural: Dr. Destruction is appalled with the peasant-like ways of Americans and came to East L.A. to teach them the rudiments of Les Bonnes Manieres. He drives the pride of the French automotive industry: a 1979 Citroen CX Presidentielle: 2.5 tons of solid Parisian iron with the power of 75 horses, fueled by the purest of diesel. Some people suspect that Dr. Destruction isn't really French. While it is true that he has no qualms sipping American brewed coffee, his reputation as a flip-flopping back-stabbing surrenderer cements his country of origin. His skull adorned cane hides a sharp blade that, he claims, killed the fifth member of LES FORMIDABLES: the one who mocked Jerry Lewis. Destruction uses this very sharp blade every morning to spread brie on his baguette.


  • Regular - 700 pieces
  • Puro - 15 pieces
  • Smoked - 15 pieces
  • Black Bean
  • Wild - 250 pieces
  • Classico - 500 pieces
  • GID
  • Red Tide Rising - by Frank Kozik