Gay Empire

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Created and produced by Sucklord. Gay Empire began in 2005 with the Homotrooper Bootleg figure, only the second release in the entire line. This is the figure that "broke" the Sucklord into the "Designer Toy World." In the ensuing years, this idea has been milked to the extreme with no end in sight.


  • Homotrooper
  • Sucklord 69
  • Gay Empire Attack
  • Gay Enterprise
  • Lavender Guard
  • Licorice Leslie
  • Gay Energon: Roddimus Pride
  • Faggator
  • Teh Ghey Uzay Pink Stars
  • Gay Empire Six-Pack
  • Gay Empire Vintage
  • S.U.C.K.L.E.
  • For Your Pleasure
  • Gay Gotham - SDCC'13 exclusive
  • Best Buddies
  • Gay Gridiron
  • Ball Stars