Ghost Boy

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At a young age , Ghost Boy was abandoned by his parents due to his hideous disfigured form. Unable to fit in with society, he fabricated a ghost costume he learned how to make in grade 1. For 10 years now, Ghost Boy has been wandering the streets of the world, helping kids in need and seeking revenge on the scum of the city!

This was the third toy created and produced by We Kill You in Sept of 2008. Ghost Boy stands 4" tall and was the first in a series of 4 Halloween toys released in October of 2008. Every Monday of the month, the sculpt of a toy was released and then on the following friday was the release of the first edition of that toy.Each toys is hand cast in resin and hand painted by We Kill You. On top of the following editions, there are a hand full of customs that can be seen at the Ghost Boy Flickr page.


  • V.1 - 20 total with different color boots: 5 Turquoise / 5 Red / 5 Purple / 5 Grey
  • The Golden Bough - 5 pieces