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Sergey Safonov has been working long on his newest figure, Godot. Who was named after a mysterious and unidentified character from Samuel Beckett’s play, "Waiting For Godot". This resin figure stands 4.5" tall with and comes with a removable fedora, as well as a guide on how to wear it, and a mini comic. The prototype wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Crazy Label.

You can see how Godot was made on Youtube here and here.


  • Prototype
  • Lime Candy - 10 pieces
  • Day In Day Out - 10 pieces
  • North Wind - 5 pieces
  • Nothing to be Done - 5 pieces
  • Sunrise DCon'11 Exclusive
  • Sunset DCon'11 Exclusive
  • Another Sunset - 10 pieces
  • Cosmonaut - ToyCon UK'14 Exclusive