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Created by Brent Nolasco and produced by My Plastic Heart Labs. Gordo stands at 5" tall and is made of hand cast resin.

"Just off of Main Street, in every town, lives a foraging monster, named Gordo. You can find him standing over a box of leftovers, fishing out that last crumb, and licking the containers dry. His will to eat overcomes his need to stop, always chasing the next tasty snack. Backyards and garbage cans are his buffet. After a long day of gorging, he falls into a food coma, only to awake hungry and repeat the cycle. His stomach is a bottomless pit. Who knows what he will eat next."


  • Blue Orchid - each hand-painted
  • Deep Coral - each hand-painted
  • Hellebore/Blaue Blume - blind box, would get one or the other, GID
  • Jessamine
  • Frostweed
  • Nymphaea
  • Salvia - NYCC'13
  • White Salvia - NYCC'13
  • Marbled - 5 individually made pieces


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