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Griffin is a handsome handmade figure by Green Chimera, usually produced as one off pieces. Each Griffin is a polyurethane cast 4 legged doll, with a wire armature for pose-ability, a faux fur coat, a soft polyester stuffed body, fully articulated feathered wings (dyed duck quills), and finally, all painted with acrylics. They are approximately 9" tall and 16" from beak to tail, plus an excellent wingspan of up to 15" too.


  • Barrek - Bateleur Eagle Griffin
  • Oro - Golden Eagle Griffin
  • Vius - Albino Griffin
  • Cassius - Black & Blue Griffin
  • Roc - Blood Red & Grey Griffin
  • Mak - Blue & Gold Macaw Griffin
  • Mordecai - Black & Brown Owl Griffin
  • Beets - Grey & White Owl Griffin
  • Eggy - White & Yellow Owl Griffin