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Grobold was born in a cave in the far reaches of Germany. At a young age, Grobold moved to the city to peruse a career in rock eating. Shortly after moving he found out that rock eating was not something that city folk cared about. Devastated he did what every outcast does; he joined a local gang and took up skateboarding! Grobold can bee seen ripping the streets, competing in competitions and beating up on kids. He has the ability to summon great powers while holding a sacrifice to the gods, and with these powers, he will play malicious tricks on you if insulted or neglected.

This is the eighth toy created and produced by We Kill You in May of 2009. The first release was on Friday June 5th 2009. Grobold stands 4.5" tall and is the first WKY toy to not feature the signature logo face. There are not going to be many of these and they are only going to come as one of a kind in groups of 3. Each toy comes with accessories that fit in the hand. Each toys is hand cast in resin and hand painted by We Kill You. All pictures can be seen at the Grobold Flickr page.


  • Juice - 3 Juices: Strawberry Kiwi, Grape Tangerine, Orange Grapefruit
  • Scents - 3 Scents: Lavender, Aqua, Mint
  • My Valentine Young Grobold - 4 pieces