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orn a native Scouser, in Liverpool, England. A deep yearning for the fineries of life soon dawned on the young Mckinley. Liverpool FC, girls, comic books, toast and the ability to hold a pencil right. It was these past-times that got him through the infamous HB pencil shortage of '82.

With the rationing ceasing in '84 he mastered the latter. So with LFC taking care of business and girls a couple of years away, he began to hone, and to this day maintain, a healthy interest in drawing beautiful robot girls, rabbits, birds, octopi and fellas with square chins, facial hair and bald heads. Oh and Toast.

Working mostly with pencil, paint or mouse he has produced various professional works for Sprite/Coca Cola, New Balance, Passion Pictures, Mckenzie and Adidas. Alas the "I Love Toast" campaign are yet to make a call.

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