In-Crowd Wrestling Federation

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Created by James Jarvis.

"To beat the man you've got to be the man. Whether you like it or not, learn, and love it, because it's the best thing going today"

The In-Crowd Wrestling Federation was set up by Daphne Pentonville (a.k.a. Lord Humungous), with a mandate to bring back the educational aspects of the grappling arts. The ICWF was a breakaway from the National Union of Greco-Roman Supply Teachers (NUGST) formerly known as the Union of Re-Amalgamated Grappling Instructional Teachers (URAGIT). Objections to URAGIT's Marxist philosophies, both within the classroom and in the wrestling ring, provoked terrible in-fighting amongst the Union's various factions and eventually led to a main breakaway group and the formation of the Social Democratic-led NUGST.

But Mr Pentonville decided that his followers would rather be members of a wrestling federation that occasionally dabbled with teaching issues, rather than be associates of a teacher's union whose members occasionally liked to wrestle. And thus the In-Crowd Wrestling Federation was formed.

These days, all ICWF bouts are strictly wrestling affairs, although the various protagonists can precede matches with lengthy educational lectures intended to calm and enlighten their over-excitable fans.


  • Lord Humungous
  • Bonus
  • El Viejo
  • "Hairy" Hans Nation
  • King Ken Jr.
  • Mahobin
  • Man Love