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Created by Coarse Toys. The original Jaws was actually called "False Friends Hide and Seek". The original Jaws also had closed eyes and a Bracelet. Removable shark "helmet" can be positioned opened or closed giving the figure some versatility. Includes a real wood miniature skateboard and an engraved wooden number plaque. The box is a a screen-printed wooden box with elastic closure that opens to reveal teeth along it's edge. The figure stands 13" tall. A much larger Blush version made out of fiberglass was made for a Coarsetoys exhibition.

To accompany the large version, a perfect miniature 2.5" keychain version was released in 2009. If you remove the chain,you can remove the shark hat on the keychain. Like the 13’’ inch vinyl version, the hat is movable as well. Packed in a transparent silkscreen printed, transparent box.



  • Grey
  • Loser Blush


  • Grey, Cream(original) edition - 100 pieces
  • Black, Coarse x Rotofugi edition - 100 pieces
  • Green, Switch (Coarse x Pixie) edition - 100 pieces
  • Loser - 100 pieces
  • Loser Blush - 50 pieces
  • False Paradise - 3 pieces, resin, Shanghai Toy Show, 2018


  • Half Moon
  • Aura Half Moon
  • Halcyon
  • Ignited - BTS'19 exclusive
  • Ignited Aura - BTS'19 exclusive

2.5" Keychain[edit]

  • Grey (Original)
  • Green (Switch)
  • Loser - 500 pieces
  • Loser Blush - 100 pieces


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