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Born in San Diego in 1980, like all artists Kevin was influenced by his surroundings. The intricate finishing of Spanish architecture, lush California agriculture, Saturday morning cartoons, or eccentric family members, attention to detail, and a healthy cynical attitude has always fueled his work. Early on he amused himself by drawing from situations, positive or negative, to either diffuse or examine. Naturally curious and having a thirst for the abnormal, he began to read Surrealist literature and visit museums. Kevin related to the ideas of revolt through art preached by the Surrealists, and understood that most art movements were rebellions, reactions to social, political and religious ideologies. Along with these ideals, he was very much attracted to the ritualistic and therapeutic side of creativity. After graduating from the Laguna College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration he began to devote all of his time to oil painting.

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