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Kwaii is a joint figure between Coarse and JPX. First released in 2016, it was produced in two different sizes, 7" and 3.5".

Moahh moahh!!! Thump! Clonk! Kwaii tramples over the grassy plains and the cabbage fields looking for a home. Up there on the mountain? Down there by the stream? He turns over every stone and rounds every corner, even though he knows this land does not want him. But what does he feel on his horns? One bird? Now two? Kwaii sits and rests. He hasn’t been this happy in a long time because instead of finding a home Kwaii has become one.


  • 7"
    • Clomp - 350 pieces
    • Babble
  • 3.5"
    • You & Me - 700 pieces
    • Phuak
    • Tuii