Little Green Men (2011)

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Wootini Gallery is proud to present "Little Green Men", a show featuring artwork from current and former employees of North Carolina-based game development company, Red Storm. The guest curator, Andy Foltz, is a current employee of Red Storm and chose to include his co-workers because of the talent fostered and brewing at the gaming company. The result is an exciting look into the minds of these game developers who have had a hand in creating some of todayʼs popular tactical shooter video games, including Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

Dates & Address[edit]

April 15th 2011 - Wootini Gallery, 101 Lloyd St. Carrboro, NC 27510 USA

The Artists[edit]

Richard Case, Andy Foltz, Travis Getz, Randy Greenback, Keith Kadera, George Lamontagne, Sebastien Lienard, Rob Newns, Doug Oglesby, Steve Reid, David K Rose, Lee A Williamson, Andrew Bosley