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Mishka started shortly after an ill fated night by two teenage boys. Greg was staying over young Mikhail's home in Brooklyn after returning home from a trip abroad in Europe. While in Europe Greg had purchased a very obscure Black Metal record from a band called Sacrifyx. A band who it is rumored died in a plane crash the night after recording this, their Black Metal opus! The rumors also claimed that the recording contained magical properties and when played backwards would reveal a powerful prayer to Satan! A prayer so powerful no one till this day dare see what it would accomplish!. Greg & Mikhail being two rebellious teens of course played this record backwards as an F.U. to their parents, their friends and of course society! What happened next is a hotly debated topic. What is known is that these boys were changed, changed in a most heinous way! Did a Gateway to another world open up?? Did these boys meet Satan at the crossroads?? No one is certain, but we do know that soon after Mishka was born!

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