Miss Mao

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Miss Mao was initially created as a 8ft tall sculpture, exhibiting in museums worldwide, a 19" tall version was sold out. To make art affordable to the everyday collector of art and toys, Mighty Jaxx and FLABSLAB worked with the world famous Gao Brothers to produce a space friendly 9" tall resin version. Painted in high gloss red and packaged in a laser etched wooden box.

The Gao Brothers’ tarnished impression of Mao Zedong is reflected in Miss Mao’s Pinocchio tell tale nose representing the lie that Mao had always been during his leadership to his people. The subtle and weak smile is a reverse play on Mao’s confidence in his leadership, displaying the artists’ disapproval towards Mao. Finally, The Gao Brothers displaces Mao Zedong’s omnipotence through the fusion of full womanly breasts, demeaning the leader’s power and gendered powerlessness.


  • Red - 100 pieces
  • Silver - 25 pieces
  • Gold - 25 pieces