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Momish Logo web.jpg

Design and produced by MOMISHTOYS.

Although the origin of these peculiar creatures is unknown to us, some people agree with the hypothesis that the Momish are natives of a unique planet with original colours, unimaginable to the human eye. On Earth, we would not be able to distinguish the same spectrum they perceive. And thanks to this range of colors and emotions, they generate a wonderful atmosphere where they live in goodness and love.

Although the Momish have been judged by humans in a negative way, because of their peculiar, unusual expressions and their strange appearances, the Momish are quite tender, sweet and friendly creatures compared to us: the Homo Sapiens.

An old myth rests over the Momish universe: “if somebody would take one of these lovely, tiny creatures into their lives, that person will have a lifetime of protection and success… This is because Momish believe that true success can only be achieved through the constant search for goodness, and by the union of hearts.”


  • Momishtoys Color Series
  • Momishtoys Artist Series
  • Momishtoys Mini Edition

Color Series[edit]

Artist Series & Especial Edition[edit]