Monsterism Volume 3 0

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Monsterism Volume 3.0 - Woodland Series was created by Pete Fowler. Figures standing between 2"-4". Released beginning 2007.

Vol 3 in the Monsterism series was released in 2 waves. The initial wave featured figures packaged in 2's in a large window box. Only two, 2 packs were made; Jogger & Jeer, and Ranger & Farm Girl.

The second wave came slightly later on as a blind boxed series, which featured the rest of the characters. Special editions of 5 of the characters were also made and available to purchase separately.

Vol 3 focuses on the woodlands of the World of Monsterism.


  • Ranger & Farm Girl (2 pack)
  • Jogger & Jeer (2 pack)
  • Sancho
  • Chef
  • Brownie
  • Grynt
  • Green
  • Nomadic Troubadour
  • Deadwood
  • Snorse
  • Sancho exclusive (red/orange)
  • Chef exclusive (blue)
  • Snorse exclusive (mono)
  • Nomadic Troubadour exclusive (green)
  • Ranger exclusive (orange shirt)