Monsterism Volume 4 0

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Monsterism Volume 4.0 - Pets & Owners was created by Pete Fowler and manufactured by Playbeast, released in late November 2007.

Series 4 in the Monsterism series focuses on the relationships between pets and their owners, and how the two often look alike. Each contained 2 figures, a pet and it's owner. The series were packaged in card tubes designed to look like tins of pet food.


Note: These are listed in the order they appear in the image below.

  • Hattie & Mr Pasty
  • Brambly & Princess 2
  • Ambrose & Scratch
  • Zylphia & Badge
  • Maxx & Grylph
  • Barnabus & Big Egg
  • Foul Owl & Pickles
  • Snuggets & Snelina