Mutants, Misfits, and The Mighty

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MMMshow2 thumb.jpg

The Lightsleepers have put together a super roster of artists to participate for the upcoming "Mutants, Misfits, & The Mighty" Show at Fresh Cafe Hawaii. All the artists will be contributing a piece of artwork that pays homage to their favourite cartoon, movie, and comic book characters.

Dates & Address[edit]

January 24th 2010 - Fresh Cafe, 831 Queen St. Honolulu, HI 96813

The Artists[edit]

Angel179, Angry Woebots, Aryo, Brisk, B-WARE, Beak03, Carlos Aguilar, Chris Rohrer x Kara Akiyama, Ckaweeks, Clito, Choni, Cryptonauts, DavesAction, Dez Einswell, D KING, Dr Wiz, Dzine, EdyG, ENDEMIC HI, Escape, Fybes, Greg Pilimai, Haynmade, iKandy, Ion, Jaba One, Jacie Katsuda, Jack of All Trades, Jason Kama, Jesse Garcia, Jessie Domingo, Justin Sama, John Hook, Jon Murakami, Joshua Giraffe, Kavet the Catalyst, Kenski, KRAZYone, KRES1, Leila Peterson, Lofa, Lucky Olelo, Melonjames, Mike Bam, Miss Behayv, Moedigliani, Nalumon, neeonFox, Nicole Naone, Nicole Shun, Obake, Ohana, Omega Cix, Pacster, Pancho Abalos, Phatees, Prime, Quest, Reak, Resco, Rival’e, Romali, Rzone, Sharks and Rays, Shaun Castro, Skarz, Spel Oner, Spetz1, The Starfish Guy, Styles, Takumi10, THNK, Tonk, John Hook, Voltz, Wizdom2