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Spending his mortal days as a worker, Padihershef was killed at a young age after being crushed by falling stone. He sunk into the underworld, a dark and chaotic place, where he set forth on a journey to reunite with his soul and make it back to the day-lit world he once knew and loved. Finally, after his journey over land and sea, lasting 12 human lifetimes, he has made his way to our world and has become the guardian of those ready to pass on to the afterlife.

This was the sixth toy created and produced by We Kill You in Oct of 2008. Padihershef stands 4" tall and was the fourth and last in a series of 4 Halloween toys released in October of 2008. Every Monday of the month, the sculpt of a toy was released and then on the following Friday was the release of the first edition of that toy. Each toys is hand cast in resin and hand painted by We Kill You. On top of the following editions, there are a hand full of customs that can be seen at the Padihershef Flickr page.


  • V.1 Decay - 10 cast in White resin with decaying paint job and black face
  • V.1 Mono - 5 Cast in White with black face and grey decaying paint job
  • V.1 Negitive - 5 Cast in dark grey with white face and light color decay paint job
  • Hawaii 5-0 - 5 Cast in Pink with orange/red/blue/black spray and silver face