Pain and Revolt

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The Coarsetoys Pain and Revolt are like the Cream and Switch, and they were also 10" figures made in 2004. They were very slickly made, with even a skate truck option! Unlike the Cream and Switch, they are mono and have bloodsplats. The set is 3 heads, 4 arms, legs and hands. They usually have only 1 body, but you can make 2 toys if you have a body bag which is also mono.

A 1:3 Pain was created exclusively for Vans in 2007, 400 pieces made of which 200 pieces were exclusive to Vans stores around Europe. He stood approx 24" tall.


  • Original Pain - 200 pieces
  • Original Revolt - 200 pieces
  • 1:3 Pain - 400 pieces