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Created by Manny Galan. Each plush stands about 11" tall, while the vinyl figures stand 3.5" tall.

DOOKIE-POO™is a magical ground burrowing creature known technically as "ELFCHIDNA". Dookie lives in POOVILLE but in his never ending quest to become friends with the entire world he can be found anywhere, at any time! Dookie-Poo may have the IQ of topsoil but his big heart, boundless optimism and innocent outlook on life make him the most loyal and best friend anyone could ever want.


  • Plush
    • Dookie-Poo - 300 pieces
    • Dookie-Bloo - 100 pieces
    • Chorocco Tofu - 300 pieces
  • Vinyl
    • Dookie Poo
    • Zombie Poo - 200 pieces
    • Sleepy-Time Dookie Poo - 200 pieces
    • Dookie-Bloo
    • Screaming Dookie Poo