Pretending Love

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One of the figures in the Noop show showed the False Friends. There were 2 versions,and Pretending Love looked like the production False Friends,while the Hide and Seek looked like the Coarsetoys Jaws. These figures were created by Coarse Toys. Hand-cast and hand-painted sculpture with fabric suit and accompanying vinyl figure. First released 2008, a second retail signature edition was released in 2010. A large version was made for a show and was made out of fiberglass. The False Friends In Pain is the only resin piece made by Coarse. Crazytoyz 0709 had a special signed and numbered (with 0709) on his FF in Pain.


  • Original - 5 sets
  • HKG - 200 sets
  • Signature
  • Blackout - 300 sets
  • False Friends in Pain - Rotofugi/Coarsetoys - '10, 88 sets
  • Sun Age - SDCC'10, 88 sets
  • False Friends in Pain (fiberglass versions) - 1 version for a exhibition.
  • Reignited
  • Reignited Monochrome