Shinigami Custom Toy Show

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Curated by Wetworks with Clogtwo and hosted by Flabslab, a custom show featuring their figure, Shinigami.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

March 23rd 2018 - Flabslab, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544

The Artists[edit]

Clogtwo, Wetworks, Inkten, Freakyfir, Yellowmushmellow, AnaCathie, EPHK, Quiccs, Kong Andri, Yoii, T-Wei, Kendy Tan, Mr KumKum, Mitoys, VYNC, Mark Nagata, David Bishop, Shifty Toys, Egg Fiasco, Scotty Wang, Zukaty, Umetoys, Topheroy, HXStudio, Zan, Cheong, Chknhead, Yobbi, Remjie Malham, Brackmetal, Steelheart Tattoo, Jem Tanavit