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Created by Okkle and produced by Patch Together, this is a limited edition resin figure which stands 6" tall.

The Skonk is a rather unfortunate creature, it\'s closest cousin is the skunk, a creature known for it\'s ability to project a foul odour onto it\'s enemy.The Skonk however is unable to control it\'s foul odour, instead it constantly seeps out from it\'s tail, so much so that over the years it starts to condense and coat the hairs on the end of it\'s tail and slowly form a thick gooey liquid coating. This goo is incredibly sticky and near impossible to remove once stuck to anything. Skonks live in burrows in woodlands or grassy plains. Their burrows are easy to spot due to the terrible odour permeating from them and mounds of berry skins and nut shells scattered around.


  • Original
  • European
  • Vinyl Fallout Nocturnal Edition - 10 pieces
  • Toxic
  • Lesser Spoiled Rose
  • Go Faster
  • Pumpkin Pumps - 1 piece
  • Scab Tail - 1 piece