Skull Kun

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Created by Bounty Hunter, regular Skull Kun stands 7" tall while the mini version stands 4.5" tall. There are two variants, Skull Ko-Chan, a female Skull Kun with eyelashes and a bow on the back of her head, and a Skull Kun with heart shaped eyes. In 2012 a 12" collaboration Skull Kun was released with Mindstyle and Disney - Mickey Skull Kun.



  • Skull Kun Mickey


  • Original Black Skull Kun
  • Original Black Skull Ko-Chan
  • Original Black (heart eyes)
  • Melting Hedoru Green
  • Melting Hedoru Purple
  • Melting Hedoru Pink
  • Melting Hedoru Blue
  • Screwbiter Exclusive - smokey grey with glowing skull
  • Secret Base Exclusive - clear with silver helmet
  • Secret Base Exclusive - clear blue with silver helmet
  • Secret Base Exclusive - clear orange with black helmet
  • Secret Base Exclusive - clear green with white helmet
  • Skumkun - black
  • Red
  • Red Skull Ko-Chan
  • Red (heart eyes)
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Chocolate
  • Green & Pink - 2020 edition
  • Ivory & Blue


  • Mini Black



Other Sizes[edit]