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Created by Paulus Hyu and produced by Kurobokan featuring sculpt by Chauskoskis and header card by Javier Jiménez. Sleepwalker is inspired by Paulus's French Bulldog, Nimbus. The figure stands 6.5" tall.

Meet Sleepwalker. He feeds off the dreams on Cloud Nine. He grows as he pops dream bubbles. He thrives as he fills minds with doubts. He'll tell you to get your head out off the clouds and back on the ground. He'll tell you to forget about the engine that could, because you’re the engine that could not. He is a skeptic, yes, that’s what he is. He’s every dreamers nightmares. But, he’ll deny it, of course. He’ll just tell you that he’s simply being rational.


  • Black Painted - 30 pieces
  • Black
  • White - 10 pieces, Popcon Asia'14 exclusive
  • Flesh - 30 pieces, TTF'14 exclusive
  • Green & Gold - by Mark Nagata, 10 pieces
  • Black & Yellow - by Mark Nagata, 10 pieces
  • Candy Crush Blue - by Topheroy, 10 pieces
  • Candy Crush Red - by Topheroy, 10 pieces
  • Candy Crush Yellow - by Topheroy, 10 pieces
  • Clear - TTF'15 exclusive, 20 pieces