TEQ63 Crew Zero One Custom Show

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This show featured artist interpretations of a special resin version of the TEQ63: Zero1 vinyl from Quiccs. Two figures in one — the signature TEQ63 and the futuristic Zero1 — customizers had access to two different sets of heads and arms and the one common urban body.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

  • April 9th 2016 - ToyCon UK, York Hall, 5 Old Ford Rd, London, E2 9PJ

The Artists[edit]

64 Colors, Brent Nolasco, Fiona Ng, Danny Rodarte, Cat Atomic, Betso, Malo April, Malo One, Mr KumKum, Jan Calleja, Goreilla, Blazon Brikhaus, Nugglife, Boy in the Corner Studio, Infinite Rabbits, Kyle Kirwan, Skullman, Flabslab, Sean Viloria, Wetworks, Rocketboy, kOmega, Valley Dweller, Quiccs