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Created by Luke Chueh and produced by Munky King. The wall is cast in resin and the bear in vinyl. Standing 10.5" tall, the highly detailed bullet-ridden backdrop contrasts with the minimalist aesthetic of Luke's iconic bear, creating a truly unique art piece. Comes with removable brush and bucket and packaged in a full colour box featuring Luke's revisit of his original illustration. For a more seamless look, the walls are designed to interlock with each other. First released at SDCC 2012.


  • Red Target - SDCC'12, 250 pieces
  • Black Target - DCon'12, 1,000 pieces
  • Black & Red Target - 500 pieces
  • Self Medicated White - with Jason Freeny, SDCC'13, 100 pieces
  • Self Medicated Black - with Jason Freeny, DCon'13
  • Mechanics of Life White - with Doktor A, 50 pieces, DCon'15
  • Mechanics of Life Black - with Doktor A, 50 pieces, DCon'15